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We support Responsible Drinking

We are committed to serve our community by providing safety, health and environmental (SHE) knowledge via our electronic communication platform. We are dedicated to contributing to continuous SHE development of our community. We have taken a proactive approach and attitude to drink driving. We fully support 'Don't Drink and Drive' since drink driving may lead to lasting consequences for yourself and others.

Back to the reality, as frequent social gathering in your daily lives, can everyone be absolute zero alcoholic contents? Even if you insist on not drinking, you inevitably come into contact with alcoholic beverages or food when dining. Being in our free society, freedom of drinking is one of our human rights. Law does not prohibit any drinking. For social order and security, prescribed limit on drink driving has been formulated in order to protect drivers and public safety. We thus advocate 'Responsible Drinking'- a balance between meeting the demand for drinking, while helping to minimize potential harm to the individual and the community.

As demanding concerns to drunk driving and tightening enforcement, everyone is cautious and worries about the actual alcohol level exceeding the prescribed limit (22 micrograms of alcohol per 100ml of breath). Accurately knowing the alcohol level is a 'Responsible Drinking' approach; a lightweight, accurate and reliable alcohol breathalyzer is your absolute choice.

Reliable, handy and user-friendly alcohol breathalyzer does help executives and people that frequently attend business functions, cocktail and parties. Indeed, alcohol breathalyzer is favorite for many famous directors and CEOs.

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Mark X Alcohol Breathalyzer
Interlock - Face Recognition - Ignition Control

To cope with the demanding concern to problematic alcohol-related behaviour from our community, HK Safety Health & Environmental Consulting Services (香港安全健康環保顧問服務) firstly launch the pioneering alcoholic test and assessment services. The innovative services are provided by our professionals, including on-site instant alcoholic test, pre-employment/pre-assignment/pre-driving alcoholic examination, workplace alcoholic test and assessment, testing and assessment report, incident/accident investigation with suspected alcoholic influence, etc. We also provide relevant safety training, promotion and information.

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http://www.safety-yp.com/?m=safetyyp&a=pub&vc=index&op=hclo 次氯酸 安全學校 國際安全學校 香港安全學校 Safe school International safe school Hong Kong safe school HK safe school 環保冷氣 ISO 5001 ISO 50001:2011 fiu audit f&iu audit fiu review f&iu review Accident/Incident investigation 意外事故調查 意外事故调查 Certification 認證 认证 Confined spaces 密閉空間 密闭空间 Display screen equipment assessment 顯示屏幕設備評估 显示屏幕设备评估 EM&A 環境監察及審核 环境监察及审核 Employee compensation insurance claims 僱員補償保險索償 雇员补偿保险索偿 Employees' compensation 僱員補償 雇员补偿 Legal consultation 法律諮詢 法律咨询 Manual handling assessment 體力處理操作評估 体力处理操作评估 Noise assessment 噪音評估 噪音评估 Noise control & abatement 噪音控制及減滅 噪音控制及减灭 Occupational safety & health training OSH training 職安健訓練/培訓 职安健训练/培训 Occupational therapy 職業治療 职业治疗 Prosecution 票控 票控 Rehabilitation 復康治療 复康治疗 Risk assessment 風險評估 风险评估 Safety audit 安全審核 安全审核 Safety consultancy 安全顧問 安全顾问 Safety consultant 安全顧問 安全顾问 Safety consulting 安全顧問 安全顾问 Safety management system 安全管理制度/系統 安全管理制度/系统 Safety officer 安全主任 安全主任 Safety plan 安全計劃 安全计划 Safety review 安全查核 安全查核 Safety supervisor 安全督導員 安全督导员 Safety training 安全訓練/培訓 安全训练/培训 Underground utility detection 地下設施探測 地下设施探测 Utility detection 公用設施探測 公用设施探测 ISO 14001 ISO 14000 OHSAS 18000 OHSAS 18001 Accident/Incident investigation 意外事故調查 意外事故调查 Employee compensation insurance claims 僱員補償保險索償 雇员补偿保险索偿 Engineering consultancy 工程顧問 工程顾问 Environmental management system 環保管理制度/系統 环保管理制度/系统 Environmental officer 環保主任 环保主任 Environmental plan 環保/環境計劃 环保/环境计划 Environmental supervisor 環保督導員 环保督导员 Facilities assessment 設施評估 设施评估 Risk assessment 風險評估 风险评估 Health assessment 健康評估 健康评估 Manual handling assessment 體力處理操作評估 体力处理操作评估 Noise assessment 噪音評估 噪音评估 Occupational safety & health training OSH training 職安健訓練/培訓 职安健训练/培训 Safety management system 安全管理制度/系統 安全管理制度/系统 Safety officer 安全主任 安全主任 Safety plan 安全計劃 安全计划 Safety review 安全查核 安全查核 Safety supervisor 安全督導員 安全督导员 alcohol breath test 呼氣測試 呼气测试 Breath Alcohol Analyzer Fuel Cell Sensor 酒精數量 手提酒精測試機 吹波仔 吹波機 酒精呼氣測試 醉酒駕駛 breath alcohol tester alcohol tester alcohol testing machine Alcovisor Mark X 酒精測試機 Markx tester Markx 酒精測試機 Mark X Evdential Alcohol Breathalyzer Mark X tester Mark X wine Mark X beer Mark X Neway Karaoke Markx Neway Karaoke Mark X Neway Alcohol Alcovisor Saturn 酒精測試機 Saturn tester Saturn wine Saturn beer alcohol breathalyzer Alcovisor Interlock RSO Registered Safety Officer safety management system 註冊安全主任 安全主任 職業安全及健康的專業進修計劃 工廠及工業經營(安全主任及安全督導員) Safety Supervisors Safety Engineers safety green card 平安咭 Safety Training Contrive Innovations Limited Contrive Innovations Limited safety manual 安全手冊 安全手册 cooling fan environmental air conditioner air cooler 節能環保空調機冷氣機 节能环保空调机冷气机 Keruilai 科瑞萊 科瑞莱 涼風機 cooling fan Evaporative Air Cooler Energy-saving Environmental 節能環保涼風機 evaporative cooling ventilating unit 蒸發式降溫換氣機 蒸发式降温换气机 evaporative cooling ventilator 蒸發式冷風機 蒸发式冷风机 OEM Cool oemcool 環保強力冷風機 安全督導 安全策劃 安全管理 膜生物反應器 膜分離技術 Membrane Biological Reactor Comprehensive sewage treatment Sewage treatment sewage treatment technology wastewater construction water reuse Water Treatment Solution 公共廁所回用水 電子、食品、垃圾填埋等行業高濃度有機廢水 WATER QUALITY 水污染管制 WATER POLLUTION EPD Sewage Sewers Water Pollution Control Ordinance 水污染管制條例 Chapter 358 Domestic wastewater treatment / Grey water recycling Industrial wastewater treatment Water reuse or recycling HKSHE Consulting Service Limited 香港安全健康環保顧問服務有限公司 香港安全健康环保顾问服务有限公司 Dickson Consulting 迪生顧問服務公司 迪生顾问服务公司